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HM Ethiopian Coffee Exporter

Our company is truly unique in that it has managed to achieve an all-rounded excellence in all the four pillars of our industry:

HM Ethiopian Coffee is an independent coffee export company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We have been working in the coffee industry for several years as a family-based business. We cater to a diverse set of clients from the USA, UAE, UK, KSA, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Africa. Committed to ensuring that our customers consistently get the best coffee the world has to offer, our dedicated team of experts work closely with coffee farmers in Ethiopia constantly re-innovating the styles of coffee production to increase quality and efficiency.

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Our Main Concern is Product Quality and Customer Service .

Company benefits & soltutions


The sample you get are the coffee we export and we make this a reality by working closely with the hardworking farmers that bring you this coffee.


Our high standards and commitment to perfection is evident in the care we put into each step of our processes and our teams are devoted to this pursuit of providing true perfection to our clients.

• HM Coffee purchases and sale units in the main coffee producing areas of the country. The company buys directly from the producers, traders and associations, and then stores this coffee in its ware houses. This is where, later on, the coffee will be processed according to strict procedures and guidelines so as to eventually produce the varied export grade qualities that are
demanded by our foreign consumers.

HM Coffee has strategically located warehouses in Ethiopia’s main coffee producing areas, making use of efficient logistics to benefit the customer.
• Our product is stored in warehouses designed for optimal conservation of the product’s main characteristics and are quickly shipped once an order is placed.

HM Coffee is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and techniques. One of the most crucial elements to our success has been constantly investing in technology. This decision has translated to tremendous results in our operations, from planting, grading and processing the beans to the moment when the product is packaged for shipping.

"Origin of Coffee
Origin of ManKind"

Types of Coffee

World-Class Specialty Coffee:
HM specialty coffee exports 3600 tons of Grade 1 quality Specialty: Yirgacheffe, Guji, Sidama and Limu Coffee per year, with all its rich and unique taste and flavor to its customers all over the world.

Positive Growth for Producers, Exporters,& Enthusiasts Alike.

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Why Choose HM

Trustworthiness is important to us; the sample you get are the coffee we export and we make this a reality by working closely with the hardworking farmers that bring you this coffee.


Our company has bold aspirations of becoming an international industry standard in the coffee export business through implementing pioneering approaches in every aspect of our work.


Each day we strive endlessly to do a remarkable job in all the 4 pillars of our work: Quality, Speed, Safety, and Customer Service!